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A rocket-powered sewage treatment?

Does this question strike you as impossible? Use rock power for sewage treatment? How would that work?Over at Stanford there are some engineers that are using rocket science to really help with sewage treatment that will help the environment and our future.Seems a little complicated and a little messy, it's actually a lot simpler process than people can imagine.With some simple thought and some science, this process has been made practical and it really works.

The system that the Standard scientists are developing exploits sewage loving bacteria to produce nitrous oxide.Nitrous oxide is used by a rocket thruster.The only thing that the rocker thruster produces is hot pure air.No more burning the chemicals that will hurt our oxygen and atmosphere.Nitrous oxide is also used in dental offices and is often referred to as laughing gas.Nitrous oxide is a powerful greenhouse gas that when used will only produce hot oxygen and nitrogen.As the sewage burns, no harmful gases will be released into the atmosphere.
When sewage is normally treated, it is sent to a waste water treatment plant.When it arrives the treatment plant will pump oxygen into the sewage.This process will help break down the sewage and will produce nitrogen.While doing this process, it costs a lot of time, money and can be difficult to do.By using the practical engineering from the Stanford scientists, using the rocket science will save that time and money and will make disposing of the sewage treatment quick and easy.
In today's society, helping the environment is very important.Over the years we have disposed of many products that are still sitting in landfills and rivers, and aren't going anywhere anytime soon.They are still polluting the environment and making it harder for us to live here.By using the method the Stanford scientists have come up with, we will be saving the environment and saving the waste from going to the treatment plants.At the treatments plants, the machines that are used can put harmful gases and smells into the air.These gases will eventually reach the atmosphere and create harm to us.
We can all do our part to help with the environment.Recycling the goods you purchase, using fuel efficient vehicles and planting trees are only a few things we can do.We can also help the environment by not having more waste go thru our treatment plants than needed.Use toilet paper sparingly and not overdoing it can help.We all need to use the bathroom, but maintain how you use the bathroom.Also clean out your street gutters and only use water when you need to.When your street gutters are full of waste, this waste will also go to the water treatment plant.Not all street gutters will run there.If your street gutter does not run to a water treatment plant, it is running to a nearby stream, river, lake or ocean.These items will pollute that water and make it harder for our water supply to last.As you use water around your home, use it sparingly.If you can use a broom to clean off your driveway, use that instead of water.Water your lawn only when you need to, to help save and conserve water.
The future is tomorrow.Many times we think the future is so far away.If we don't start helping the environment today, we won't have a future for our children.By supporting the scientists at Stanford, we are showing that we are ready to make a change for the future and the future of our families.

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