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What to do if your computer needs a repair

One of the biggest hassles with any piece of technology is the fact that eventually it will go down. This is especially true if your own a computer. Whether you are using your computer, for business or personal, you may feel panicked if it crashes. However, you should resist the urge to turn to the first repair guy that comes along. There are a number of options that you can choose if your have to. You should first carefully consider your options and then determine the best course of action.Here is what to do if your computer needs a repair-

  • Call whoever you got the computer from-If you are leasing the computer then call the company leased you the computer. The main reason for this is that the leasing company, usually has a contract, with a repairman, to service your computer. This is the person who will be responsible for the maintenance on your computer. If for some reason the leasing company does not have a repair service, you want to ask if should take your computer, to a certain place, in order to not invalidate the lease, or if they will take care of the repair. If you have bought your computer, you need to see if it is still under warranty. If you are still under the warranty then you need to call the manufacturer and have them deal with the repair. After all, that's what a warranty is for. It is especially important that you have the manufacturer look at the computer, because there could be something faulty in the design. Keep in mind that if you choose just anyone to repair the computer, you could end up voiding the warranty.
  • Hire a computer technician-However, before you simply open the phone book and hire the first computer technician you see, you should take your time and shop around. Not only do you want to get the best price, you want to make sure that you are intrusting your computer, to someone who actually has the skills to fix it. Experience should always be a key factor, when you are making a determination, for someone to fix your computer. Keep in mind that you will most likely find that just about everyone charges about the same. If there is someone who charges considerably more or less, you may want to look into why they are charging that price. You should also ask for reference. You want to make sure that you are dealing with someone who has satisfied their customers. Any hesitancy to give you references should be taken as red flag, and that is repair provider you should avoid. . In addition, you should make sure that you call more then one of the references give, so you can get a variety of feedback.
  • Fix it yourself-Many people may scoff at this suggestion, but if you even have a little computer knowledge, you may be able to save yourself, from a costly computer repair. There are many online sites that can walk you through a troubleshooting process that can help you determine if the problem is fixable, by you, or if you should call in a professional repairman. Many computer problems are small and can often be fixed, for free or a minimal cost. However, it should be noted that you should proceed with caution. If at any point in the process you feel that the problem has become bigger then you can handle, you should stop immediately and call for help. This way you will avoid making the problem worse and perhaps exacerbating the cost of fixing your computer.
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