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Googles Android Versus The iPhone

iPhones posses a feature that is both a pro and con -they know what most people want, and function to provide it.There are really not many customization options available.The thing is, all people are not the same and everyone loves a customized gadget.Following is a list of pros and cons of the iPhone.

- The iPhone has more apps than just about any smart phone, including games apps -and the screenplay is exceptionally smooth.
- The camera on the iPhone 4S is considered much better than other smart phone ones.It has a fairly high resolution and focuses well.
- The iPhone is extremely user-friendly.Not only does it have simple navigation tools and buttons, the Apple support team is always on hand to contact and work through a problem with.
- Messaging an iPhone with an iPhone is all but free, meaning just about unlimited texting to other iPhone owners.Texting can rack up quite a bill on other devices, so this is a serious pro for sure.
- The iPhone is most responsive to touch, as well as extremely smooth and efficient to work with. It doesn't lag or freeze -it simple whirrs from one screen to another, perfectly.
- The iPhone's voice navigation is not exactly up to par.It can only be accessed through other apps (free to download) but directs you to its own Apple GPS when you try to use your GPS of choice.This is far from ideal for those who travel a lot and would appreciate a good navigation tool on their smart phone.
- There's no other way to put it -uploading photos sucks on an iPhone.It offers minimal upload options, especially in comparison to the Android, which offers 10 or more, including bluetooth, email, Facebook, etc.You can even tag them while uploading, instead of having to go directly to the site and do it manually.The iPhone comes in last here.
- The iPhone possesses the most limited home screen, with only the most basic row of icons.
- The iPhone sends mail more slowly than its competitors (almost without fail) and it is much more difficult to access your mail archives via iPhone.
- iPhones operate at a 3G speed, whereas Androids operate at the newest 4G.
The Android:
- As aforementioned, the Android operates at a 4G speed -faster than the iPhones mere 3G.
- The Andriod offers many options when uploading photos, simplifying the process considerably (and even allowing you to tag them on Facebook).
- Android provides turn-by-turn navigation, simplifying any trip you make.With an Android, it's nearly impossible to get lost.
- Androids have a customizable homescreen of widgets, including those for weather and other useful things.
- If you have a lot of Google things -a Google account, and so on, you'll want to go for the Android.It has a lot of Google stuff within it.
- The Android has a 'back' button as well as a homescreen button.Handy!
- The Google Play store suffers in comparison to iTunes.
- The Android is often complained to be too complex for beginners to use -though it offers a bit more, this more is complicated.
- Androids are bulkier and less attractive than their iPhone counterparts.
- They also has slow touch response, especially compared to the iPhone's lightning-quick processing.
- Not only that, but Androids lack in support.Not a good combination; a more complex phone with less support.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.If you're a huge music fan, the iPhone will better assist you.If you travel a lot and a built in GPS is important, the Android is there.Make your choice based off of your personal needs, rather than what everyone else says is 'best.'This will simplify the deciding process considerably, and allow you to make the best choice your needs.

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