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Offroading fun with the DTV shredder

If you love mountain biking and offroading there is a unique new device that you are bound to love. This cool new "toy" is called the DTV shredder. The DTV shredder is an electric motorcycle built upon the concept of a unicycle. This is a personal power sport vehicle that allows you to drive it up mountains and through hardcore terrain. It's small enough that it can fit into the trunk of your vehicle but it comes with all the power you can expect from a 4-wheeler or a dirt bike. It is built for those who love an adrenaline rush and want to experience the outdoors at a new level. Like any extreme sport it's a good idea to wear a helmet that will protect you.

The shredder is actually gaining interest by the U.S. Military as it can help with medevac transfers to provide wounded soldiers faster treatments in the field. This small, personal vehicle can attach a trailer to it so you can easily pull someone from the field of battle and get them to safety much faster than you can with your own feet.

Not only does this unique device allow military members to respond faster to injured members in the field of battle, it also provides other unique features. Machine guns can be attached to it to aid in the battle field.

Unlike ATVs it doesn't have wheels, it's made from the same construction as tank as it moves with flat metal that pass around the main moving wheels. Since it does have a remote controlled device, military members can use it for recon missions and place their wounded soldiers in the trailer to get them out safely. It is also great to send in additional artillery to military members that are in high risk areas and need help.

Right now it is still pretty heavy as it weighs about 160 pounds but it is expected that this will go down as newer versions are created. The top speed of the DTV shredder is about 30mph right now but with less weight this too may be able to improve. It comes with a controller as well so you can control it from distances.

One other cool feature is the handlebar that allows you to hold on tight when you are driving it up the hill at high speeds. You can essentially take your friends along with you as they hold tight to the handlebar and zoon around as if they are skiing behind the shredder.

So how much can you expect to pay for this fun offroading device? It will run around $4,000 or less but it depends on which features it comes with along with the motor you have. There are a couple versions, some that will boast a larger motor while others have a smaller motor and are designer for lighter offroading.

Having the ability to literally ski up a mountain is one of the unique features the DTV shredder will be able to provide to you. Emergency teams will be able to respond faster to individuals that are trapped or injured in the mountains. This makes it appealing to thousands of people and multiple sectors that are seeking out new ways to respond to accidents and emergencies in hard to reach places like canyons and mountain passes.

With the speed it provides the DTC shredder can really reshape the way warfare is handled. Military members will be safer and have access to artillery when they need it and they will have an exit from the battlefield if they are injured or if things are getting out of control and your soldiers need to be extracted.

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