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Why don't running programs show in my taskbar

Once upon a time there was a task bar.(You know-that bar at the bottom of your screen that has the "start" button at one end and the time at the other end).You used to be able to see your task bar.You used to be able to see running programs in your taskbar.You could even click on those items and switch between programs.And then a dreadful thing happened.

They disappeared!

All those lovely programs that used to show up on your task bar disappeared into the oblivion.Now you have no idea what programs you have open and you can't click on the taskbar to open some other program.And you don't know how to get the missing programs back!You've tried to use the task manager. It hasn't helped.You've tried wheedling with your task bar, begging it to show you program items again.But it refuses to concede.You've even tried cursing and threatening your computer-to no avail.

Let's try a more civilized approach, shall we?

First of all, find your taskbar.If you can't see your taskbar, run your mouse over where it should be.You may have the taskbar set on "auto hide" which will make it disappear whenever it's not in use.You can change that setting by going to "properties" and canceling the "auto hide" option.Your taskbar may also have moved to another place on the computer.To return it to its original location, simply click on the taskbar and drag it to where you want it.

So where did your programs go?One thing you must realize is that the task bar is a busy place.There are lots of things on it: the start and menu buttons, the quick launch bar, and the notification area on the far right.There also should be an area with buttons depicting your currently running programs.

At least there shouldn't be a way to turn it off; and it most certainly shouldn't just disappear.Yet every now and then it does just that.I have no good explanation for you as to why it disappears.It just does.

Luckily for you, restoring your running programs to view on your taskbar is not difficult thing to do.First, it needs a registry change.Then you just need to restart windows explorer.

Another option available to you is to go to this webpage and click on the links to "tweaks."Then you want to scroll down to item #240 and click on "programs aren't minimized in the taskbar."A window will pop up asking if you want to run, or download, a program which will reset the taskbar properties.This should allow you to see your running programs again.The other parts of the taskbar will also be reset to their default states, but that should not be of any inconvenience to you.(Note: this is not a guarantee, just a suggestion.You download any type of program at your own risk).

Once you have run the program from Kelly's Korner, you should be able to see your programs again.If you can't, perhaps try calling your computer maintenance people and see if they have any suggestions.Or call a friend who might know more about taskbars that you do.Or try restarting the computer.Restarting the computer is often a "fix-all" suggestion.More often than not, the computer will correct itself after a restart.Or you may have to come to grips with the fact that your running programs are just missing from your tool bar and you're not going to be able to find them.So keep doing whatever you were doing and try to get over the loss.There are worse things after all.

Good luck to you.

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