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Goodbye to grass cutting with the Muwi

Grass provides a number of wonderful health benefits as it helps to purify the air and it also makes your home look incredible. The downside to dealing with grass is that you have to maintain it and it can be quite costly and time consuming. It is estimated that the average homeowner pays about $1200 a year on lawn maintenance. Since it can take hours to care for your yard, looking for new solutions to maintain your grass are always a plus.

A number of people will use a mulch-er instead of cutting the grass with a mower each week. A mulch-er allows you to control the weeds and it's a great way to reduce the amount of water needed on the lawn. Mulching retains water and makes it easier to have a green lawn. For dry areas, mulching is great option as it can reduce the amount of water you need to use and it also helps you with dead spots on the lawn. If you do not have a mulch-er, you can purchase mulch in bags from your local store or landfill.

Reel Mowers
The new lawn mowers need gasoline and a lot of yearly maintenance in order to run correctly. The old reel mowers are cheaper as you don't need gasoline and most of them can cut the grass faster if you don't pick up the dead grass. The nice thing about a reel mower is that they are really light compared to newer lawn mowers and they are quiet!

Hiring Out Services
If you are plain sick and tired of dealing with yard care, hire it out to a company. This is a great way to avoid dealing with lawn mowers and the maintenance they require.

Introducing the Muwi
If the above solutions don't reduce the number of times you need to cut your grass and you cannot afford to pay a landscaping company to come out and maintain it, the Muwi is the device for you. No longer do you need to go out and push a reel mower or a gas powered mower, you will be able to turn on a device and it will mow the lawn for you. Thanks to designer Yuli Sung the Muwi saves your back and your legs from needing to push heavy equipment all over the place. The Muwi can be set to the exact dimensions of your yard and it will go over the entire area and cut your grass. It's similar to have a Roomba for your yard as you don't need to do anything except let the mower cut away for you.

The Muwi looks like a big barrel and it will go over your yard and cut the grass and then leave grass cubes or circles behind. The purpose of having the circles and squares left behind is to decorate your yard and to also have unique things for kids to play with. The circular discs are wonderful for throwing in a game of Frisbee. If you don't care about throwing around the discs you can also use the left behind grass as mulch.

The Muwi makes grass cutting fun again. The unique shapes left behinds can add a cool decoration to your yard. Some people even make chairs out of the grass shapes that the Muwi cuts. So how can you get your hands on this cool technology? Unfortunately it's not available to the public just yet. It is one design that is out there to help revolutionize yard care and it won't be long until other devices are created that make yard work easier.

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