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Capture extreme sports with the All Metal Hercules edition camera

Are you a thrill seeker? If you love to skydive, bike ride, and participate in extreme sports you need to get the All Metal Hercules edition camera. This camera is attached to a helmet and it will capture everything that occurs as you are participating in extreme sports. It's a great way to see mistakes you are making as you bike down the mountain or just a great way to share in your favorite moments over and over again.

The all metal Hercules edition camera is designed to get right into the action with you and capture high quality video of you doing your favorite extreme sports and stunts. A number of skateboarders are using the All metal Hercules edition camera to capture videos of their best tricks and stunts so they can submit them to companies and hopefully end up with a sponsorship.

What really makes this camera so great is not only the high quality you will receive from it but also the price. The All Metal Hercules edition camera only runs about $50. This affordable cost makes it possible for beginners to use the camera and start making YouTube videos to share with their friends and possibly with sponsors.

The extreme sports camera is made from only the highest quality materials like top grade aluminum and a ΒΌ'' CMOS image sensor. The design of the helmet is rugged to make it perfect for extreme sports enthusiasts and it is attractive enough to look top of the line. The other great thing is that this helmet is designed foremost to protect you. It can withstand medium to medium-high impacts and it will also be able to withstand just about any type of weather storm you are dealing with. The great part is you will notice that rain won't take away from the quality of your camera and it still provides you with a high performance camera and video.

The All metal Hercules edition camera was created to offer you durability. It will be able to withstand anything you put it through. It's a well-built product and you can feel thisthe instant you put it on. The other thing that makes the All metal Hercules edition camera truly versatile is that you aren't only limited to having it as a helmet camera. You can actually take the camera piece off and attach it to other surfaces. This means if you have had a desire to become a storm chaser, you can take the camera off and use the suction cup to attach it to your windshield.

Snowboarders have found that attaching the camera right to the nose of their board provides them with unique video shots that can really showcase their talents. Since the board will remain in the same position, unlike your head that turns side to side, it's a great way to get a real feel for snowboarding and to teach tricks and other things to new snowboarders.

The videos will record right to your Micro SD card, making it easy to upload to your computer and share to places like YouTube. Its definitely a high quality camera that offers great views of your extreme sports without needing to pay thousands of dollars for it.

So how do you get your hands on this unique extreme sports camera so you can start showcasing your talents? You need to head over to ChinaVision's website. They are known for selling a number of great products that are all geared toward making your life easier and providing you with the latest and greatest technology. If you are ready to get sponsored and to start earning money for your talents, pick up the All metal Hercules edition camera today!

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