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Every high-tech device you need on your wrist with the Galactus

Have you ever been out hiking and stumbled upon some of the most beautiful views in the world? If you forgot your camera, how can you find a way to take a picture of this beautiful site? The Galactus is the must-have device for any tech junkie. It includes a watch, a DV camera, a video and audio player, and a cell phone all in one. It's definitely the ideal gift to offer to the person in your circle that is hard to shop for.

Unlike other watch bands, this is one durable wristband. It's not going to break off and it fits smoothly and easily onto your wrist. It does have a lot of features, but it's not overly bulky for your wrist, making it ideal for tech junkies on the go.

To turn your wrist into a phone simply slide a SIM card into it and you will be able to walk around and talk to anyone you need. The cool part about the phone feature is that it has a unique LCD touch screen, making it easy to use. The virtual keypad allows you to participate in texting on the go and it also helps you with quick dialing.

For Bluetooth lovers, don't worry the Galactus also has Bluetooth technology and you will be able to talk while you are on the go without any worries or problems whatsoever. It's definitely a cool feature to have a cell phone right there on your wrist as it will be able to help you out in a jamb when you are in need of emergency assistance.

The camera feature can be located right above the number 3, making it easy to find and easy to use. You can choose from using digital still camera pictures to video camera mode. Some people that love to play the spy game will enjoy the Galactus as you can conspicuously take pictures without anyone noticing.

After your adventures are over and you have a number of pictures on your watch, you can link it to any computer where you will be able to download the pictures and enjoy sharing your moments with everyone. It's very simple to use and a lot of fun to share as a gift to your loved ones.

When you are out running and you want to hook into the radio, the Galactus will also be able to tune to local stations. The FM radio feature makes sure you don't miss out on your favorite morning radio shows. How about something else that makes the Galactus really cool? It also has an ebook reader! This means you can enjoy your favorite books on the go, like when you are stuck in waiting rooms and have flipped through all the old magazines and you desperately need something else to read.

To help you stay organized the Galactus also comes with a Calendar, alarm system, and a To Do list. It's a great way to ensure you don't miss appointments and that you are properly organized and ready for the work week or even the weekend.

So how much is this bad boy going to cost? Here's the best part, it's only $154! This means the cell phone, wristwatch, spy camera device is literally affordable to anyone. Once you take a look at the Gallactus and all the features it comes with, you won't want to ever leave home without it.

To purchase the Gallactus, head over to the ChinaVision website. Here you can find the Galactus and so many other cool gadgets and technologies that are changing the way we live. Plus you can easily find a number of great gifts for anyone on your list!

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