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Fun Gadgets and Gizmos For The Stay At Home Mom

When you're a stay at home mom you're certain to have plenty to do.That is, until all of you kids are in school or it's nap time.Then things can get a bit lonely, especially if you're experiencing the former.You may have decided not to work, and need something to keep you occupied until they get back.Think about it, all that free time available to you.You may not be used to it, but make the best of it!Free time is priceless in the adult world.Remember things you used to love when you were younger.You had time for them then.And you do again now.Here are some fun things you invest that time into:

- Reading.Have a favorite book?Why not peruse it again, curled in the blankets on your bed or outside in the sunlit grass.Reading is one of the most peaceful past times you could choose. Mom's can't always go everywhere for worry about their children and obligatory responsibilities.Luckily reading is a fantastic way to get out of the house -and even out of this world.
- Cooking supplies.When you're a stay at home mom, you'll find yourself with either a) lots of free time or b) hungry children!Filling your free time with learning to cook tasty treats, try out healthy meals and so on can be very rewarding.Especially when you're eating the fruit of your labors...or cookies, or fruit tarts....Not only that but kids are almost always ravenous when they get home from school.Being greeted with the lovely aroma of fresh cooked food can lift their spirits and get some nutrition in them to boot!Not to mention banish those post lunch time pre-dinner time grumps.
- Sculpting.If you're an artsy type, you can even make money from home sculpting figurines out of clay.There are all sorts of tools available to help you make delicate details, such a noses and fingers and the like.A handy thing about these is that you can make a lot of money selling them ($10-$300 depending on the type), all the while doing something you enjoy.
- Night lights.Night lights are, of course, for anyone who likes them.However mothers seem to get away with them pretty easily.They could, after all, be for the children.There are all sorts of nightlights available, one of the best being the ones that gently change colors and display little flecks of white, like dreamy sparkles on the wall.
- Start a blog.Moms love to gush about their children, and a blog is the perfect place to do it. That way people choose to read it and you won't risk overloading them with information about your perfect little angels.You can also include pictures!
- A camera.Linked to the above, you can document every little bit of their life and keep it for later on when they're not so small anymore.If your children are already grown, it's never too late to start snapping shots.Especially if they will be leaving the house soon.
- An iPad or iPhone.Games, internet, basically plenty of things to keep a bored or stressed mom entertained.
- Some moms are pretty crafty, so Etsy or another homemade item selling site could certainly come in handy.You can make candies, cards, decorations, dresses, whatever tickles your fancy -and get paid for it.You'll make your customers happy too!
- Garden.Gardening is almost intuitive to some moms -to others it may pronounce a death sentence on whatever plants they attempt to raise.Still, you can always improve your skills and harvest your own small crop every few seasons.Freshly grown always tastes the best!

In general, just take up a hobby!Something you love to do and that may or may not be productive, depending on your taste.Have fun with it.

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