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Mirror mounted rearview camera

For several years rearview mounted cameras have been installed on vehicles but for many car drivers, this safety device has been a luxury item that has only been found on cars with expensive price tags. There are several new vehicles on the market that also want to help drivers experience additional safety and they have come up with a mirror mounted rearview camera. This smaller camera has a LCD screen that is right in your rearview mirror and it will help you see objects as you are reversing your vehicle. Ford and Mazda are both using the system and Toyota has also adopted it for it's smaller car the Corolla Verso.

Since the rearview cameras are providing a lot of additional safety benefits to drivers, it is standard for new vehicles to come with them. What about for those of us driving older models that do not have backup sensors and rearview cameras? Now we can buy them online and install them ourselves for about $300 for a quality one. Auto shops will also gladly install the rearview camera for you as well in order to provide you with additional safety precaution.

Not only are the backup cameras found on your rearview mirror or in the dash of your vehicle, they are also being found on the side rearview mirrors. Having multiple views will give you a better idea of what is behind your vehicle so you do not accidently back over a child, animal, etc. It is even common to see cameras being installed in the front grill of vehicles as well to give you additional views of your clearance. This can help you park into tight spots but it also makes you more aware of what is around your vehicle.

Most of the cameras you can buy at the store tend to have lower resolution but they will still get the job done. If you are planning to purchase a kit and install it on your vehicle, consider buying a kit that comes with the backup sensors as well. Having additional safety is never a bad thing, especially if you have young children or you live in an area with a lot of small children.

Installing the camera can be tricky as you will need to drill a camera to the license plate frame or you can choose to drill them into the tailgate. The kits do help to explain how to install the cameras but if you aren't used to doing a lot of car work, take the kit to your local auto body shop and have them install it for you. This way you will be sure to avoid cutting wires and other things as some kits require the camera to be electronically connected to the vehicle and wires need to be fed to the camera. If your vehicle already has a monitor that you use for GPS navigation and other controls, it will be easier for the auto body shop to install the backup camera as they only need to install it in the back of the vehicle and use the same feed for your monitor to project the images behind the vehicle.

So where can you pick up a rearview camera for your vehicle? They are found online but you can also find them in several stores like Sears and Walmart. Depending upon the type of camera you want to have, one that is projected to the rearview mirror or to a dash-mounted or non-mounted camera you can expect to pay anywhere from $29 on up to $500 or more for this safety device.

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