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Test drive a car from your computer?

Since just about everything is virtual and found online, it's not surprising to see that you can actually test drive a car from your computer. What does this entail exactly and is it just a video camera in a car or are you actually driving the car? According to Mitsubishi, you will actually be able to test drive the Outlander Sport SUV online. It works similar to that of a remote controlled vehicle as you will tell the car where you want it to go and it will actually move right where you tell it to.

The camera in the car will help you to see where you are driving the car and it's only on a closed course. You are able to see how well the car turns and to get an idea of what the car looks like when you are driving it but does it simulate a real test drive? It gets as close to a real test drive as you can get from behind a computer and it's like playing a racing video game. It won't provide you with the real "feeling" you get when you actually drive a real vehicle. You won't be able to feel how it reacts when you turn or how it feels when you brake.

The entire goal of the Mitsubishi test drive is to provide drivers with just one more insight into how it will be like inside their new car. It should help car buyers with their decision as they get to see how the car looks and can gather more information about it by driving it remotely versus looking at pictures and videos of the car online.

Mitsubishi will give you control over the car so you can turn it left and right, back and forth, along with getting a nice view of what it's like to sit in the car and what your view will be as you turn throughout the vehicle.

We all know it's not like real driving of a car but it can do its job as far as marketing purposes go and it will get people interested and hopefully get them to the car dealerships in order to start test driving the vehicles. You can book your appointment online for the test driving but it's only available for a limited amount of time and may not be something that other car dealerships decide to offer. It depends on the response and if customers find that they actually learned something by using the test driving feature online.

So what's the point you may ask? It doesn't offer a real test drive so why would you want to go online and remote control a car? It's just another option you have when it comes to car shopping and trying to compare all the different vehicle choices that are available. It can help with your buying decision and will allow you to save time as you can decide whether or not you really want to test drive certain cars as you have already been inside them and do not like what it looks like behind the wheel.

Marketing companies are always looking for new ways to promote their products and to get customers interested. Offering a virtual world to their employees is an easy way to get more people looking and noticing what they are offering. While people may not be impressed by virtual test drives and have a desire to head to the car lot to drive the car, it at least got people talking and that is what most of marketing efforts are focused on doing. Word of mouth marketing is a key component of attracting new customers and landing news stories and other advertising.

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