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The "cool jacket" provides air conditioning wherever you go

If you work out in the hot sun all day long you may have experienced heat stroke and other problems. Being hot all the time can be a real problem which is why so many researchers have come up with personal cooling devices that can try and make the heat a little more bearable. Some of these cooling devices include neck coolers, which have cold water in them and release cold air onto your neck and face. Then you also have personal cooling fans that spray out mist on your face and they are designed to help you cool off. With so many personal cooling devices, many people are finding relief and working outside is tolerable. There is a new device in the works that is designed to reduce how hot you can get when you are working outside. What is this new device and how does it work? It's called the "cool jacket". This is basically an air-conditioned jacket that is designed to keep you cool.

Created in southern India, the jacket is designed to help some of the field workers has they need to be outside in the heat for multiple hours a day. A contest in India included the air conditioned jacket along with a generous cash prize. The goal was to try and encourage their young field workers to become productive and to try and encourage more people to pursue this career.

Quite often the temperatures that many of the workers face will get up to 120 or higher. With this heat it is common to see employees in the hospital with heat stroke and dehydration. Companies cannot always provide things to help their employees stay hydrated and they aren't able to provide them with shade. This leaves most of the employees on their own to try and work the fields why also trying to care for their bodies and stay hydrated and healthy.

The cool jacket provides a lot of hope to workers but the state officials are the ones really trying to push the jacket to employers and to get them to care for their employees and provide them with things that will help them avoid dehydration and heat stroke. These cool jackets are expected to boost productivity along with efficiency.

If you are concerned about your employees that are working outside in the heat, you can purchase a cooling vest for about $250. The jackets are no yet available but cooling vests are helping a lot of workers with their heat stroke problems.

To purchase cooling vests for your company you can find them at for $259. These vests do not just include ice in them; they are made from PCM technology and can cool to 65 degrees. It has a PCM bladder that you will insert into the vest and its rechargeable by placing it in ice water. It will be able to remain cool for about 1-2 hours. The total weight of the bladders in the vest is about 5 pounds so it is not too heavy. Companies or individuals will receive bulk discounts on their order if they do purchase more than 2 vest at a time.

Cooling vests are not a large investment in order to help keep your employees safe and healthy. Compare the cost of a single vest to the cost of losing employees for multiple days at a time like you will if they experience heat stroke and need to take time off work. This is a great way to show your employees that you are concerned about their health and wellness. By providing your employees with cooling jackets or vests you will see an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.

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