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Spy gadgets

manlookingaroundwall23507439.jpgIf you want to keep your home safe from intruders, some spy gadgets are definitely the way to go. You can get fun spy gadgets like pens that record audio for 5 minutes from Office Depot and other office stores for about $65, but the unique spy gadgets like peephole reversers and GPS track sticks are for the serious junkie that like spy gadgets.

Button Pinhole Video Spycam with Mini DVR
If you want to record conversations you have with other people, purchase the button pinhole video spycam for $149.99. This cool gadget allows you to video record through a small camera that is places into your shirt pocket. The camera includes hook up to a DVR so you can record your conversation and possible use it against your friends for good fun. You can record directly onto the DVR and it includes a 2'' LCD screen so you can view everything and have it all set up before you begin to record. The cool thing about this spy gadget is that it allows you to record in color. Be careful with this device if you are using it to cheat on a poker game or a test, if you're caught, you will face punishment.

The Spy Pen Recorder
For the serious spy junkie, the spy pen recorder is a must-have. From the moment it debuted on James Bond movies, serious spy nuts have wanted to get a hold of their own spy pen recorders. You can pick up a spy pen at practically every store. Some pens hold 30 seconds of audio while others will hold 80 hours of memory. The serious spy pens will cost you upwards of $80, but you will feel pretty cool walking around with your own mobile recording device. Plus, it can hook into your computer and you can upload your friend's audio to one of your videos and make a great entertaining video for YouTube.

GPS Backtrack
If you want to keep tabs on your kids, you can purchase a GPS backtrack that will transmit a signal to your computer and keep you posted on where they are at. This is a good way to find a lost child or to find a friend that got lost hiking. The GPS backtrack does more than transmit a signal to your computer, it also allows you to see where you are. It includes a compass so you don't get lost or so you can find your way back to camp. When you set out with the GPS backtrack, set your location and then wander around before setting the 2nd location. You can set up to 4 locations and the GPS backtrack will help you find your way back to your starting location. It includes an LCD display with a backlight so you can find your way back even in the dark. You will need some AAA batteries to make this device work and it will cost you about $79.

Peephole Reversers and Cameras

A great spy gadget is a peephole reverser. This device allows you to look into a peephole in the opposite direction, so you can actually see inside the house. However due to privacy issues, the peephole reverser is not available to the general public, only law enforcement. Instead you can purchase the peephole camera. This device will record all of the activity that happens through your peephole and transmits it to your computer so you can see who is at your door. If you suspect the neighbor kid has been stealing your packages, this is a great way to find out since you can track all the activity that goes on at your door for the entire day. The peephole camera can be purchased for about $200.00.

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